Case Managers

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Working within the rehabilitation code process

Manchester OT work with many Case Management companies. We provide occupational therapy reports and interventions to meet the guidelines outlined in the rehabilitation code.

Manchester OT accept referrals directly from case managers and provide an assessment of a person's physical, mental health and cognitive needs. We can attend case conferences if needed and provide reports on the patient's progress. We can also provide training and advice for carers and relatives. The occupational therapists at Manchester OT are all familiar with the rehabilitation code.

Functional Assessments and Rehabilitation

If your client is experiencing difficulties with everyday activities of daily living following an injury or illness, they may need occupational therapy input to allow them to regain their independence and improve their quality of life. We are able to provide assessment and advice for them and devise a personalised rehabilitation programme.


Manchester OT are able to assess your client in their own home and prescribe and fit any pieces of equipment to promote their independence within it to make everyday tasks easier. Assessment and advice can also be given with regards to more major adaptations e.g. stairlifts, level access showers, through floor lifts, ramps etc.


The occupational therapists at Manchester OT can fabricate specialised splints or prescribe ready made splints. Splints can be used in the treatment of a variety of conditions and can be used to rest painful or swollen joints, improve the function of joint or to immobilise a joint. The occupational therapists assess whether a splint is needed and, if so, the best splint for the problem. They will then continually monitor the splint and provide advice and instructions on its use.

Vocational Rehab

Manchester OT can prepare people with physical and mental health problems for beginning / resuming employment.

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