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Associate Occupational Therapist

Manchester OT require a highly skilled and experienced individual to work with us in providing the highest level of private health care to our clients, you will work across a variety of settings including neurology, orthopaedics, trauma and hand therapy.

Required experience:

  • Minimum 5 years post qualified experience across a variety of settings
  • Comfortable providing high quality assessments and treatment
  • Able to work independently and in a team environment
  • Used to managing a varied caseload
  • Excellent understanding of neurological, developmental and physical conditions
  • Wide experience of assessment tools
  • Confident understanding of the brain, nervous system and its impact upon function
  • Able to offer varied and motivating treatment options backed up by a sound evidence base.


  • Hand therapy
  • Report writing, including medico-legal reports
  • Communicate effectively with individual case managers, insurers and clients
  • Support and educate individuals in returning to work
  • Improve physical and cognitive function following trauma/brain injury
  • Increase independence in relation to daily activities in the kitchen and at home
  • Advice and education on provision of aids and adaptations.

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Associate Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Manchester OT are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic paediatric occupational therapist to join our team. If you are a passionate, motivating and organised individual with extensive post graduate experience in occupational therapy and a minimum of 2 years paediatric experience then please see below for details:

Essential criteria:

  • Minimum of 5 years clinical experience including 2 years in paediatrics
  • Socially skilled at managing clients wants and needs
  • Effective and efficient problem solving ability
  • Excellent communication and administration skills
  • Excellent ICT skills
  • Manage children with a variety of complex and challenging needs
  • Highly experienced in assessment tools for many paediatric conditions, including standardised assessments of function
  • Extensive knowledge base of conditions and theory behind treatment.


  • Produce high quality academically sound reports for clients
  • Manage complex cases
  • Communicate effectively within the team and to other professionals
  • Write a variety of reports, including functional and medico-legal reports
  • Assess children in their homes, school or in clinic
  • Offer advice and education to parents, teachers and the child
  • Work safely and independently
  • Risk assessment and risk management

We offer excellent rates of pay, and provide a great working environment for all our professionals.

If you feel like you match the criteria and are interested in either of these roles, please complete the form below.

Assistant Occupational therapist

Manchester OT are looking to employ an Assistant Occupational Therapist to work within our team. The role would be part time with an option of full time employment following a trial period. New graduate applicants welcome.


  • To write condition and occupational therapy related content for the design of a new website

    • Designing and implementing own treatment sessions aimed at improving fine motor and handwriting skills overseen by an occupational therapist through supervision

    • Supporting the child in using any ICT equipment as an effective means of communication within school

    • To effectively manage any conflicting issues, parental concerns and remain highly professional throughout all terms of employment

  • If required, to provide cover for sickness/holiday in a brain injury unit, including:

    • Observe senior therapists

    • Follow treatment plans set out by the occupational therapist

    • Work alongside physiotherapists and other members of the multi-disciplinary team, including joint working sessions.

    • Be aware of risks to patient care and manage these effectively

  • To be able to communicate effectively and clearly with potential new patients, including:

    • Offering sound advice and suitable assessment/treatment options.

    • Relaying information to senior therapists for information gathering prior to assessment.

    • Using a good understanding of private practice to communicate with reception staff

The role would be supervised by an occupational therapist; however there may be some lone working involved. Any content written or cover provided will be planned and clearly explained prior to working alone.

We are looking for a candidate who has:

  • A clear understanding of occupational therapy and how it can be applied across all settings, specifically including how the core skills of occupational therapy can translate to both paediatrics and neurology.
  • Experience in working with children and/or adults with long term conditions
  • Great understanding of a range of conditions and how occupational therapy can help
  • Ambitious and hard working
  • Understands the importance of supervision for long term development
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Be able to communicate effectively, clearly and quickly

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service, If you are interested in this role, please complete the form below.

Senior Neurological Occupational Therapist

We require a full time Neurological Occupational Therapist to lead our occupational therapy services in Manchester. The role will involve both a clinical caseload and management duties. The clinical aspect of the role will consist of overseeing occupational therapy services within an inpatient acquired brain injury unit and within the community. The successful candidate will work with our team of physiotherapists and speech therapists to provide the highest standard of therapy.

The occupational therapist right for this role will be:

  • Passionate for neurological rehabilitation
  • Enthusiastic about providing the best possible service
  • Good at getting the best out of others
  • Organised, effective and efficient

For the successful candidate we provide:

  • A competitive salary - higher than the NHS.
  • Great salary progression - we are keen to give therapists increased responsibility and reward them appropriately.
  • A twice annual performance related bonus.
  • Funding for external courses.
  • High level of job satisfaction.
  • Career development opportunities.

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service, If you are interested in this role, please complete the form below.

Junior Occupational Therapist

Manchester OT are a growing, private occupational therapy company. We are looking for therapists who are enthusiastic, passionate about working in occupational therapy and have a real desire to strive for the best therapy for all of our clients.

Essential Requirements:

  • BSc Occupational Therapy
  • BAOT registration
  • HPC registration
  • Minimum 6 months experience with working with a range of disabilities
  • Clear understanding of the underpinning theory to practice
  • Clear understanding of the BAOT professional code of conduct and relevant professional guidelines

The successful candidate will have:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Competent IT skills
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills
  • Ability to carry out minimal to moderate physical activity throughout the working day
  • Hold a full driver's license and have their own vehicle
  • It also desirable that you have had experience of providing occupational therapy and understand what is required to work in private practice

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