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Elderly male with walking frame recieves aid from friend.

Manchester OT provide occupational services for elderly individuals. There are a variety of services that our occupational therapist can offer to older adults.

Functional Assessment

The occupational therapists at Manchester OT can complete various assessments on how elderly individuals manage their everyday activities and provide them with advice and information to try and regain / maintain their independence and improve their quality of life.


If an elderly individual has suffered an injury or illness, they can be provided with a personalised treatment program to assist in their recovery from this and meet agreed goals.

Provision of Daily Living Equipment

Our occupational therapists can undertake an assessment of elderly individuals in their home environment and prescribe and fit any pieces of equipment to promote their independence within their home and make everyday tasks easier.

Wheelchair Assessment

If an individual is in need of a wheelchair, our occupational therapists can complete assessments as to the most appropriate type of wheelchair for their needs. This can then be monitored and reviewed as appropriate.

Assessment of Major Home Adaptations

Assessment and advice can be given to consider major home adaptations e.g. stairlifts, walk-in showers, through floor lifts, ramps etc.


Our occupational therapists make specialised splints and can prescribe pre-made splints. Splints are used to treat of a wide range of conditions. They can be used to rest painful or swollen joints, improve joint function or to keep a joint immobilised. Our occupational therapists assess if a splint is needed and can provide the best splint for any problem. They can then continue to monitor and provide advice and instructions on the splint's use.

Psychological impact

Our occupational therapists also consider the psychological impact that an illness or injury may have had during rehabilitation and work, where appropriate to build self-esteem and quality of life.

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