What do OT's do?

Therapist and patient talking duing initial assessment.

The occupational therapists at Manchester OT work with children and adults to develop, improve, or restore an individual's ability and function. The types of things occupational therapists at Manchester OT help with are:

  • handwriting skills
  • dressing, grooming, buttons, etc.
  • washing
  • cognitive skills
  • hand-eye coordination
  • transfers in/out of chairs, cars, baths, showers
  • fine & gross motor skills
  • balance & coordination
Elderly patient gets help standing; by two trained ManchesterOT therapists.
  • social skills / engagement & relatedness
  • body awareness
  • sensory processing & integration
  • movement planning
  • attention
  • bilateral integration
  • developmental delays
  • problems with feeding
  • muscle weakness
  • perceptual skills
  • neurological impairments
  • interpersonal skill development
Young child using colourful stepping stones as part of her ManchesterOT therapy.

To make discuss how Manchester OT can help you please contact us or call 0161 883 0088

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