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The occupational therapists at Manchester OT provide assessment and treatment to a variety of mental health conditions. This service can be provided to people of all ages.


The initial assessment will be completed by your occupational therapist. Assessment is an ongoing process and is constantly reviewed and updated throughout the treatment process. Treatment is goal focused and patient centred taking into consideration their abilities, strengths and interests and areas in which you are experiencing problems. It considers your roles and how your condition is affecting these as well as your motivation and potential for change and any affects from your environment.

Goal Setting

Goals are set and agreed between you and your occupational therapist and a treatment plan will be devised allow the goals to be achieved. These goals are constantly reviewed and updated as necessary.

Activities of Daily Living

As part of the treatment plan, your occupational therapist will discuss skills needed for everyday life e.g. personal care and domestic activities in order to live as independently as possible. This may include sessions on cooking, budgeting, healthy eating and living etc.

Social / Leisure Activities

The occupational therapists at Manchester OT can help a person become more involved in social activities that they are interested in with a view to them to continuing this independently in the long term.

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