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Manchester OT advise businesses in the public and private sector about moving and handling, and risk assessments. Our expertise can help to reduce the occurrence of injuries. We also aim to help employees with existing problems reduce the likelihood of their problems being exacerbated by their work. Our specialist occupational therapists can also advise on; workstations, seating, work environment, DDA compliance, ergonomics, functional capacity assessments, pre employment functional assessment, insurance reports and vocational rehabilitation.

Access Audits in relation to Disability Discrimination Act 1995 The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 is a piece of legislation that aims to promote the equality of opportunity for disabled people. It means that business such as shops, restaurants, banks, hotels etc as well as public buildings such as churches, community centres, libraries etc have to ensure that disabled people have equal access to their premises.

We can provide access audits to help you adhere to this. This is an assessment of your premises which gives you a detailed report of how accessible they are for disabled people, including suggestions and recommendations for any action needed.

Workplace and Workstation Assessments

Employers also have a duty to treat disabled employees equally and make alterations and adjustments for them within the workplace. The occupational therapists at Manchester OT can help to redesign workstations so that they match the needs of each employee.

We can undertake workplace assessments, which will look at the employees needs within the work environment, as well as the demands of the job. We will present you with a detailed report including recommendations for action needed. We can also undertake workstation assessments, considering seating and nature of the work and suggest ergonomic solutions.

Vocational rehab

In addition, Manchester OT support case management, insurance companies and private businesses to assist claimants and employees suffering from physical and mental health problems with 'return to work' programmes.

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