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Family laughing and smiling while sitting on their couch.

Manchester OT provide occupational therapy assessments and treatment to clients in their own home. This service allows our occupational therapists to witness the problems and difficulties clients are having performing everyday tasks at home firsthand.

Many of our clients will benefit from a home assessment and / or home based treatment. This is especially true for clients with problems; getting in and out of bed, up and down stairs, falling, getting on off a chair or toilet, problems transferring with carers and difficulty walking indoors or outdoors and difficulties with everyday activities like toileting, washing, dressing and feeding.

An occupational therapy assessment at home will enable our occupational therapist to observe any problems that you are having with everyday activities. This allows them to advise you on about any therapy, adaptations, or equipment that will be able to help you regain your independence and increase your quality of life.

Please call 0161 883 0088 to arrange an assessment.

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