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Child playing on an abacus during therapy.

Manchester OT provides assessment and report services for children of all ages on behalf of parents, schools and the local authority. Common reports asked for include:

Education and Heath Care Plan (EHC Plan)

Manchester OT are able to provide reports to recommend what should be included in a child's Education and Heath Care Plan (EHC Plan). A statement of special educational needs (SEN) sets out what needs your child has and how their needs would be best met. A SEN Statement contains six parts:

  • general information about your child and a list of the advice the authority received as part of the assessment
  • description of your child's needs following the assessment
  • description of the special help to be given to meet your child's needs
  • the type and name of the school your child should go to
  • description of any non-educational needs your child has
  • description of what will help your child to meet their non-educational needs

Manchester OT write reports that provide information on part five and six. Commonly our reports write what physical needs a child has and what equipment / adaptations will help meet their needs. We are also able to make recommendations on what the most appropriate level of therapy input is for your child to receive.

Education and Heath Care Plan (EHC Plan)

For children with physical / social problems moving schools can be a traumatic experience. Manchester OT are able to assess and advise to limit any disruption caused by moving schools.

Aids and Adaptations Recommendations

Many children benefit from numerous aids and adaptations. Manchester OT are able to provide reports that recommend the most beneficial equipment and adaptations a child will benefit from. Manchester OT commonly provide these reports for parents, schools, case managers and charities.

Dyspraxia Report

Manchester OT are able to assess children with developmental co-ordination disorders such as dyspraxia. We are able to:

  • Assess children to confirm / reject a diagnosis of dyspraxia.
  • Recommend any aids, equipment, adaptations, therapy that may be beneficial
  • Liaise with school staff regarding the impact of any diagnosis
  • Make recommendations to the school as to what would be beneficial
  • Recommend any further investigations that are needed

Risk Assessments

Manchester OT are involved in a huge range of risk assessments. We are able to complete comprehensive risk assessments of risks that have the potential to effect children. Our risk assessments assess:

  • Who is at risk
  • What the level of risk is
  • What can be done to minimise the risk

All risk assessments are unique, please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Moving and Handling

Occupational therapists are experts at moving and handling. Manchester OT can:

  • Provide training to staff members regarding correct moving and handling techniques
  • Assess a specific moving and handling technique
  • Make recommendations on the most appropriate way to transfer / hoist a child
  • Make recommendations on stair lifts / through floor lifts

Please contact us on 0161 883 0088 about the services we can provide.

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