Disability Assessments

Disabled woman learns to drive using a steering aid on the steering wheel.

Manchester OT provides many reports for clients of all ages with a disability. Common reports we are asked to complete are:

Seating Assessments

Our occupational therapists can complete detailed seating assessments. This includes the consideration of the seat base, back support, foot support, harnessing, orientation of seating, head support and arm support. Following the assessment, your occupational therapist can advise you on the most suitable seating and how this can be provided.

Wheelchair Assessments

If you are in need of a wheelchair, our occupational therapists can assess you as to the most appropriate type of wheelchair for your needs. Following this they will then inform you of options regarding how this wheelchair can be provided. Once you have your wheelchair your occupational therapist will monitor and review your wheelchair and teach you wheelchair skills as appropriate.

Vehicle and Driving Assessments

If you have had a medical condition or injury that may affect your ability to drive, you may need a vehicle and driving assessment. This may help identify if you are safe to drive, ways to improve your driving and aids or modifications to your car to enable you to drive safely.

There are two parts to this assessment. The first part is conducted by the occupational therapist and is an off road assessment. This will include an interview to gather information on your previous driving history, your medical history and your driving needs. An assessment will then be completed of your vision, your physical ability and your cognitive state i.e. concentration, memory, planning skills etc. This also includes a review of road law.

The second part of the assessment is on the road and is conducted by a driving instructor and an occupational therapist.

Following this assessment, the results will be discussed with you and recommendations made.

Home Adaptations

The occupational therapists at Manchester OT can complete an assessment for any major adaptations that you need to your house to enable you to be more independent or assist you to complete daily activities, for example, level access shower, stairlift, through floor lift etc. Once this assessment has been completed and the need for an adaptation has been agreed, your occupational therapist will pass their recommendations onto the relevant organisation.

It may be that are eligible for a disabled facilities grant to contribute towards the cost of the adaptation and your occupational therapist can support your application for this.

Equipment assessment and provision

Our occupational therapists can undertake an assessment of you in your home environment and prescribe and fit any pieces of equipment to promote your independence within your home and make everyday tasks easier.

To arrange a report please call 0161 883 0088.

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