Neurological OT

Neurologist holding an X-Ray.

Manchester OT treat people with a variety of neurological conditions, such as stroke, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury and Parkinson's disease.

Functional Assessment

Our occupational therapist carry out various assessments on how individuals manage during everyday activities and provide advice and information allow individuals regain and maintain their independence. This will have a knock on effect on their quality of life and the quality of life of those close to them.


Manchester OT provides neurological rehabilitation, often in conjunction with neurological physiotherapy treatment. Personalised treatment and rehabilitation programs are written to meet agreed goals to promote the independence.

Provision of Daily Living Equipment

Our occupational therapists undertake assessments of individuals in their home environment and can then prescribe, order and fit any pieces of equipment to promote independence within the home and make everyday tasks easier.

Assessment of Major Home Adaptations

If you are in need of a wheelchair, an Occupational Therapist can complete an assessment as to the most appropriate type of wheelchair for your needs. This will then be monitored and reviewed as appropriate.


Our occupational therapists make specialist splints. Off-the-shelf splints can also be recommended. Splints are used in the treatment of a numerous conditions, to rest painful or swollen joints, to improve the function of joint and to immobilise a joint. Your occupational therapist will assess whether a splint is needed and, if so prescibe the best splint for you. Your occupational therapist can monitor you and your splint and provide advice and instructions on its use.

Psychological Impact

The occupational therapists at Manchester OT always consider the psychological impact that your illness or injury may have had on you as an individual. Our therapists can work with you throughout treatment sessions to improve your independence and self esteem.


Our occupational therapists always complete holistic assessments, considering every aspect of an individual's life and condition/s. Therefore, your occupational therapist will discuss your interests and hobbies and assist you to return to participation, if possible.

Work Assessments

Manchester OT can help and support a person to return to work, if appropriate. This may include an assessment of the workplace as well as help, advice, aids, adaptations and support and specific rehabilitation concentrating on the skills needed to return to work. The return may be to a previous role or an alternative role dependent on the ability and choice of the individual.

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